...and here's another - HP9000 question

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Fri Jul 14 15:44:52 2000

Adrian Graham <agraham_at_ccat.co.uk> wrote:
> Oh, and anyone know why the PSU fuse in the Apple ][c is soldered in rather
> than being in a carrier?

If the power supply is anything like the one in the Apple ][, the theory
is that the most common class of faults (shorted outputs) will cause the
power supply to shut down, delay, and restart (repeatedly if the fault is
not cleared), so it doesn't blow the fuse. The fuse is required for safety
but not expected to blow under any reasonably expected conditions, so it
was not judged to need to be user-replaceable.

In my experience other components of the Apple ][ power suppy are much
more likely to fail than the fuse, but on the other hand I never plugged
a 120V A][ into 240V mains.

Too bad they didn't do autoranging back then. :-(
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