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From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Fri Jul 14 15:41:15 2000

Douglas Quebbeman [] wrote:
> Although I run Squeak under Windows and on a Power Mac, I still prefer
> running the original Xerox Smalltalk-80 VI2.2 under System 6 on a Mac.
> I have it on a IIci, but the IIci has a Radius Rocket in it, and the
> virtual machine doesn't like its 68040. I have a Mac IIfx I'll be running
> it on in the near future, at almost twice the speed of the IIci's '030.

I've been trying to find anyone who might have the early Xerox release
images that were provided to their licensees, Apple, HP, Tektronix, etc.,
as described in _Smalltalk-80: Bits of History, Words of Advice_.

I've asked several people who worked on it at PARC, and the responses
I get are mostly "use Squeak instead". They don't seem to understand
that someone might have a historical interest in the early released

The Apple version for the Macintosh is reportedly not very much
different from the Xerox image, though without seeing the latter I
obviously can't confirm that.

I'd also like to get the Lisa version. It either ran on the bare
metal or on Monitor, I'm not sure which.
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