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Date: Fri Jul 14 15:51:27 2000

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<< I picked up a couple of macs at a Goodwill store a couple of days ago and
found a connector with
them that im not sure what it is and wanted to see if anyone on here might
know what it is.
The items I picked up were

Performa 637cd
Quadra 660av
15" Multiscan Monitor
2 Keyboards
1 mouse

and this connector has the following config at the open end it has 5 rows of
very small female connectors
at the other end it has 4 wires, one is a video connector, one is a
keyboard/mouse and a speaker and mic connector.

Can anyone tell me what this is?
Also I was able to get this all for 25$ The 637cd works great but haven't
been able to test the
660av since I need a special connector to get it to work with this monitor.
Also if anyone has a connector to hook this monitor up to the 660av please
let me know.


that 660av is a nice machine! I got one for $25 in a 24/1G configuration and got the matching applevision display with it. There is a special adaptor that connected the applevision and 660av together because the applevision display has speakers, mic and ADB plugs on it. IIRC on mine, it was a funny shaped box and a thick cable which plugged into it. thankfully the 660av has a standard macII series video connection so any of the mac monitors of that time will still work with it.
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