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From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Fri Jul 14 16:10:01 2000

> Douglas Quebbeman <> wrote:
> > I have it on good authority that Smalltalk-80 was not ported to the
> I have it on good authority that there *was* a port. However, it was
> probably done by ParcPlace rather than PARC.

That would, at least, place the visit into late 86/early 87, years
after the *two* vists of Apple personnel to PARC, and at the end
of the Star's lifecycle as a product. The definitive story of the
development of the Lisa GUI can be read at:

As the final design jelled, the designers did make comparisons
between what they'd come up with and the Star interface. IIRC,
property sheets were one of the big Star features that had a
direct analogue in the Lisa GUI.

BTW, the Green Book remains the best source for info on the
various implementations of Smalltalk (I have 3 of the four
books original projected for publication, Blue, Orange, and
Green; the book on Creating a User Interface that would have
documented using MVC (Model - View - Controller paradigm)
was never finished. Later, the Blue Book was discontinued and
replaced with a Purple Book which omitted details on how to
implement the Smalltalk Virtual Machine.

-doug quebbeman
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