Kaypro 10 Western Digital Hard Disk Controller WD 1002-HD0

From: Bill Dawson <whdawson_at_mlynk.com>
Date: Mon Jul 17 04:58:05 2000

Hello all,

I need any technical information anyone may have for this hard drive
controller board, especially schematics. I have all the other technical
docs for the Kaypro 10. This board is not in the documentation I
already have because it was not considered to be field or factory

WD 1002-HD0 61-031050-00 REV Y 8, 1893 Western Digital

It connects via 40 pin IDC and ribbon cable to the Kaypro main board and
to either 1 or 2 ST-506 10mb MFM drives.

LSI on board includes WD1014AL-00, WD1010AL-00, WD1015-00, and SY2128-2.

I've already searched the web and found some general information, some
helps, most doesn't.

Thanks again,


Bill Dawson
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