VAX-11/730 (was RE: Unresistable pond comment)

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Mon Jul 17 10:28:02 2000

> As I continue to improve and upgrade my classic space at my Farm, this
> box is one of the ones that I intend to set up early. I cut
> my teeth on
> a lot of stuff on this guy. I was very happy to take it with
> me when I moved on.

I can't remember what happened to ours when we upgraded to a MicroVAX II
BA213 in around 86 :( With the cost of the machines in those days it'll have
gone for part-ex I reckon. Its LA100 is somewhere though, still going
I just wish I had space in the museum for machines of that size, but apart
from anything else getting them up 2 flights of stairs would be a bit
prohibitive :) Got the aforementioned MVII though, along with a 3400, 4200,
PDP 11/73 and a spare RL02 drive.

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