Repair or Replace?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Jul 17 16:33:54 2000

>I'm curious to know how list members feel about the question of repairing
>versus replacing common computers.
>For example, in my area, Commodore 64s are extremely common. So if I
>received a bad one, after checking for obvious faults I probably wouldn't
>spend much time trying to troubleshoot it. It's easier to just find a
>working one. The bad machine would either become a static display, or a
>parts donor, or a very low priority rainy day project.

I sure wish I had sane reasons for a lot of what I do. Repairs are things I
just find myself doing without a lot of conscious thought. I do from time
to time have enough presence of mind to stop when it leaks into some
functioning portion of my brain that the object at hand is a worthless
piece of junk even if working, ie seriously yellow keyboard with missing
keycaps and broken screw mounting posts.

Having a couple boxes for different grades of "junk" helps a lot due to
magnet force all empty boxes exude. When you have a box for breakage, or
scrap circuit boards, they tend to get filled up. Without said boxes I tend
to put things down on any convient surface to "look at" later.
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