Repair or Replace?

From: Mark Gregory <>
Date: Mon Jul 17 17:45:24 2000

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From: Mike Ford <>
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Date: Monday, July 17, 2000 4:27 PM
Subject: Re: Repair or Replace?

>I sure wish I had sane reasons for a lot of what I do. Repairs are things
>just find myself doing without a lot of conscious thought. I do from time
>to time have enough presence of mind to stop when it leaks into some
>functioning portion of my brain that the object at hand is a worthless
>piece of junk even if working, ie seriously yellow keyboard with missing
>keycaps and broken screw mounting posts.

Often, I find that I've developed an emotional attachment to stuff that is
otherwise worthless junk. For example, I once agonized over throwing out
the shell of a Coleco ADAM keyboard with a cracked circuit board, because I
remebered the thrill of finding the system it belonged to tucked into a
dusty corner in a thrift store a few years ago.

>Having a couple boxes for different grades of "junk" helps a lot due to
>magnet force all empty boxes exude. When you have a box for breakage, or
>scrap circuit boards, they tend to get filled up. Without said boxes I
>to put things down on any convient surface to "look at" later.

Sounds like my "study" (where little studying ever gets done) which has
computers in various stages of disassembly on every flat surface (and a few
piles rising up from the floor). I generally keep the door closed to
prevent gasps of "what the heck happened in here!" from any uninitiated

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