Repair or Replace? [Was: Repairing Timex]

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Tue Jul 18 07:17:12 2000

Tony wrote:

> of the time you can manage with the common hand tools (screwdrivers,
> pliers, etc), a good soldering iron, a DVM, a logic probe and a brain.

Now there's a question - I've just got back from a little expedition to
Maplins (butane gas, digital multimeter since I'm sure work's analogue one
is iffy since I dropped it :), T10 and T15 torx bits etc (I WILL get into
that Mac Plus)) and I could've got a logic probe too. I know they're used to
test deadness etc in chips, but how do I use one? It'd be nice to trace
which chip is dead in my knackered Atari 800XL and Memotech MTX500 (x2),
then I'll have to teach myself how to resolder non-socketed chips! (in the
case of the atari anyway)

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