Repair or Replace? [Was: Repairing Timex]

From: Douglas Quebbeman <>
Date: Tue Jul 18 07:19:02 2000

> Surely any serious computer hobbyist, especially one who is a
> collector or preservationist, has at least the following: DVM,
> oscilloscope (even if just an old 5mHZ one to look for things like PSU
> ripple/spikes), soldering iron, logic probe, assorted hand tools and
> perhaps a logic analyzer. These are not things that the average hobbyist
> should be unlikely to have.

I guess I got spoiled by working at the university and at a local
electronics trade school, and then later for a small embedded systems
firm. I almost always had a scope of someone else's available to use.
Now I don't, and I regret not picking up a dual-trace 15 or 20mHz
scope when I'd see one available, cheap, from time to time.

My favorite was the Tektronix storage display scope. Now, I just
try to get by using a Rat Shack logic probe and a DVM. Plenty of
soldering irons (one Ungar, one generic one-piece, one Wahl), and
various hand tools. A manual wire-wrap pen somewhere. A CSC bread-
board. A fair selection of components, new and used.

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