Repair or Replace? [Was: Repairing Timex]

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Tue Jul 18 16:48:23 2000

> > By "turned pin" you mean as in turned on a machine lathe, correct?
> Exactly. I mean the type of socket where each pin is machines from a
> metal rod (I assume) with a little spring contact inside the top of each
> pin. As opposed to the 'formed pin' type where the contacts are made by
> folding a strip of metal.
> > We just call these "machined" pins here... always a joy to
> Yes. I've seen that usage in some American books, and it _is_ the same
> type of socket.

Note that there are also "stamped and rolled" sockets. To all but
a very close inspection, these look the same as a machined-pin socket.
But they have a seam, and they're less expensive (except when you find
people trying to pass them off as machined-pin).

I think even the stamped and rolled sockets are still much better than
the cheapo dual-beam (or, worse yet, single-beam) sockets.
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