Repair or Replace? [Was: Repairing Timex]

From: allisonp <>
Date: Tue Jul 18 19:26:11 2000

>I'll agree with that. The instrument I use the most is (obviously) a
>multimeter -- in my case an old analogue one. One day I must get a Fluke

Got a few of those, my favorite is an Eico circuit tester/transistor
I built in my teens. I like it as there are no diodes or other rectifier
and it's stable in strong RF fields. I also use a Triplite 630 pocket

The fluke is a M12, well made, rugged holds calibration well. I also
have a weston, a digital volt meter that is probe shaped (NLS) and
an old tandy DMM I got back in 74.

>comes a logic probe. For a long time I used a cheap Tandy one, then I
>upgraded to the LogicDart. And third on the list comes a bench PSU. Mine

Wish I had a Dart. I do have several I've made for my own use.

>is a 30V 8A Velleman kit that works very well. It's a simple design

All my bench PSUs are home made or resurected and modified H744

>Ditto. I've found a little handheld 'scope (only 5MHz on repetitive
>waveforms, 500kHz single-shot) is very useful for checking for PSU

Old faithful is a NLS M15 I got in 74, been through a few sets of gell
cells. Another is a B&K 2120, at 379$(US) it's an honest 20mhz
triggered sweep scope, small too for the 5" screen. I recently got a
heath IO 10D-31 5mhz triggered also, replaced a few bad fets and
dialed it in and it's a fair scope.

>the other instruments I've mentioned. Other stuff (counters, sig-gen,
>meter, etc) is very nice to have, and I'm sure it's saved me a lot of
>time, but I think I could work without it if I had to.

I have them and use them, I do/did a fair amount of RF.

>As I said a few years back 'Your brain is the most important piece of
>test gear that you have'. No instrument will find the fault for you --
>all instruments just provide information as to what's going on. You have
>to know how to interpret the results.


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