Rack mount for ISA bus

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <rmeenaks_at_olf.com>
Date: Sat Jul 22 06:50:09 2000

What I want is a passive backplane for ISA cards. Currently, I am using old
PCs (386s) for the ISA slots. I removed ALL the cards (video, disk, etc,
etc) and just left the barebone motherboard to fits ISA cards into them.
Unfortunately, they are taking up more space than a rack mount. If anyone
is curious, I need this for my transputers. The root transputer is the only
one that needs access to disks, video, etc, etc and that would reside on my
main computer while the rest of the boards just need to be powered up (so
they can reside on the rack mount).


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Is it a rack drawer for a passive backplane that you want, or do you want a
rackmount PC box to accomodate a normal motherboard?

I've occasionally received advertising literature for "industrial-strength"
rackmount PC enclosures, but have never seen an offering which would fit the
description "powered passive ISA backplane.

These boxes are NOT cheap. BTW.

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Subject: Rack mount for ISA bus

> Hi,
> I am looking for a rack mount for ISA-based cards. Anyone know where I
> can pick one up....
> Ram
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