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From: allisonp <>
Date: Sat Jul 22 20:32:27 2000

>OTOH I can't think of much I would attempt to prototype without a decent

Back when... My scope was a Heath 15mhz and the #_at_&*Q#!!! thing had a
propensity for frying the HV, usually when I needed it. (this is
Ended up troubleshooting the entire altair when first built with a VOM
and a logic probe and a few of the lighted pin logic clips (very handy
Finally got the HV caps needed (some serious ones!) to fix it right to
the flaky ram and frontpannel oneshots (timing). Right after that I got
NLS MS15, a Tek 516 and sold the Heath.

Actually for most times I need a scope it's either enough (near overkill)
that the B&K2120 20mhz dual trace does it well or I need a real killer
>200mhz DSO, very rarely inbetween. I still use the NLS MS15, it's
still in good shape and is fine for things where portable is handy.

What I do have in quantity is multimeters both analog and digital.
I find that each has it's attribute. For example the RS first design
DMM, the only one for it's class with current ranges! You pay a
bomb for a good DMM with current ranges or they only go to a
few hundred mA with It's a must for proto work that will be portable.

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