Back! I'm back...

From: allisonp <>
Date: Sun Jul 23 18:09:44 2000

> * Pigeons can indeed do "The Splits."

It's their evasive maneuver for falcons... sometimes it works.

> I seem to have developed a taste for collecting serial data analyzers.
>now have two from ARC (Interview 4600 and 7500), and a pair from
DigiLog. I
>wonder what else is out there?
> On that note, does anyone have any documentation at all on either of

>Atlantic Research units? I've not had a lot of success finding such.

AR is one of the long timers in the business.

I happento have a Tbar Explorer, also looking for data, books whatever.

>I'll mention it anyway: A Cushman CE-6A service monitor, working
>electrically but only fair cosmetically, for $425. For those of you who
>know service monitors, this was still quite a deal (and for those that
>don't, you can E-mail me and I'd be happy to explain).

;) lampkin, Cusman and Singer Gersh names I know well.

Still wish I had my FM10-C...

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