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I'd like to know as well since I have one to. I know they were used to
allow DEC to dial in and diagnose your system from the home office.
Things that I do know:
        Baud M = Baud for the Modem
        Baud T = Baudrate for Terminal

Baud T has to match your console baud rate (its a binary number between
0 and 7 I believe)

If local copy is set then I'm guessing the console terminal sees
everything the modem does.

I believe the center DB25 on the back goes to the VAX. I haven't figured
out the others yet.


maximum entropy wrote:
> I recently rescued from the scrap heap a "DIGITAL Remote Services
> Console" box that was previously connected to a VAX.
> The front panel has a key switch with 4 positions ("Remote", "Lock
> Out", "User Port", and "Remote User"). There is a push button
> labelled "Local Copy". There are two groups of three push buttons,
> one group labelled "Baud T", and the other labelled "Baud M".
> On the back it has 4 DB-25 ports: 2 female ("A1" and "B1") and 2 male
> ("A2" and "B2").
> On the bottom of the unit it says "Model MDS01". It also says
> "Property of Digital Field Service. Not for sale." So I guess it's a
> good thing I didn't pay any money for it :-)
> I'd appreciate any information at all about this device. What is it,
> how do I use it, and is it specific to VMS or would it be useful for
> anything on a NetBSD/vax system?
> Feel free to respond to me directly if you feel this is too far
> off-topic for this mailing list.
> TIA,
> entropy
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