Using WD40 on a Remote Services Consoles

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Tue Jul 25 15:30:34 2000

Ok, I'm completely baffled.

Is there some sort of conspiracy afoot to not discuss how the DEC remote
services console works or is used? I know that there are ex-DEC field
service types here and certainly ex-Digits who should know the basics. And
yet at least three times over the last 2 years theses questions have come
up and been left hanging with absolutely no information. Whazzup wit' dat?

I happen to have a use for mine that is exactly what was intended, I've got
a VAX 4000/300 sitting at my office that I'd like to be able to dial into
the console and reset and reboot. I don't have a spare serial port on a PC
to use and it would be "cool" to do it with this piece of vintage gear that
was designed to do this.

Yes, I know these things were originally DEC proprietary and secret stuff
but heck DEC is dead. We've got to keep this information alive, not let
Compaq take it to the grave with them.

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