Using WD40 on a Remote Services Consoles

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Wed Jul 26 08:11:05 2000

> Ok, I'm completely baffled.
> Is there some sort of conspiracy afoot to not discuss how the DEC remote
> services console works or is used? I know that there are ex-DEC field
> service types here and certainly ex-Digits who should know the basics. And
> yet at least three times over the last 2 years theses questions have come
> up and been left hanging with absolutely no information. Whazzup wit' dat?

The protocol used by the RDC (as far as I know) was very closely held.
I couldn't get any docs on it in Field Service (I wanted to write a
CP/M program so my VT180 or Zorba could be a remote console and diag
loader on the 11/70's.

I was told they were doing ascii bit flips on at least one bit on each byte
but I never got the datascope on the line to see what the protocol
looked like.

> I happen to have a use for mine that is exactly what was intended, I've got
> a VAX 4000/300 sitting at my office that I'd like to be able to dial into
> the console and reset and reboot. I don't have a spare serial port on a PC
> to use and it would be "cool" to do it with this piece of vintage gear that
> was designed to do this.
> Yes, I know these things were originally DEC proprietary and secret stuff
> but heck DEC is dead. We've got to keep this information alive, not let
> Compaq take it to the grave with them.
> --Chuck

Anyone else know anything?


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