Using WD40 on a Remote Services Consoles

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Tue Jul 25 20:40:46 2000

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Subject: RE: Using WD40 on a Remote Services Consoles

> > I know these things were originally DEC proprietary
> > and secret stuff but heck DEC is dead....
> There are legal requirements for support.
> At IBM we knew that to drop a product really meant
> that it had to be supported for the next 5 ((in certain
> cases)) years, or else what I suppose could happen is
> that the customer could sue.
> So... If any corporations out there have new working
> systems bought since 1995 or so... Dey aint dead yet!

Yank corporations (and citizens to a somewhat lesser extent) seem to
live(?) in eternal
terror of being sued by someone for something they have done or not
This impedes the free distribution of much knowledge and hardware that
has no
further commercial value. I'm on Shakespeares side. "First, lets kill
all the lawyers."

Just my 2c worth. If I was a lawyer, this opinion would probably have
cost you $100.


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