Announcing... Rent a wreck

From: Mike <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 04:28:36 2000

From: Chuck McManis <>
>Of course what we've missed is that the cost of shipping of _us_ is
>relatively constant.
>Further, even if I was in a position to have a really interesting computer
>shipped to me as the next "hop", that wouldn't guarantee that I would get
>any time at all to use it since about a million projects call out to me
>from my garage every day. Finally, shipping it again and again will
>continually put it at risk of damage or loss.
>The answer then suggests itself, what we need is "Classic Computer Camp."

Isn't that how the Branch Davidians started?

No, I still disagree. Your forgetting the "tinker/program in your
underware' factor and advantage of having *it* in your home...

- Mike:
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