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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Jul 26 15:26:47 2000

--- Chuck McManis <> wrote:
> Of course what we've missed is that the cost of shipping of _us_ is
> relatively constant.

True, but more than some boxes.
> The answer then suggests itself, what we need is "Classic Computer Camp."
> We find some very cheap land somewhere that has relatively easy air access
> (somewhere in New Mexico perhaps) and we build a camp. At the camp we have
> a bunch of buildings with computers in them and a dorm. Enthusiasts from
> all over the world can fly to the camp, and for a modest fee, spend as much
> time as they can afford tinkering with all kinds of classic computers. If
> it was a self sustaining operation I'd suggest we convince Tony to relocate
> to be in charge of the camp, that way he could be employed at a job where
> all day all he had to do was tinker with and fix old computers and talk to
> people about how they worked while they tinkered with them and fixed them.
> This solves a number of problems:
> 1) Cost effective storage (since you can get 50 acres in New
> Mexico for $25,000 easy)
> 2) People get to play with the computers, they don't have to deal
> with the outside world.
> 3) The assortment could be much larger (even "big" iron!)
> 4) We enough lead time it would be cost effective to travel there.
> I suspect several people would be more than happy to contribute large
> numbers of computers to this effort.

Well... I already have 32 acres and a quonset hut. I have plans to add a
large building (40'x60' nominally) next door to it, but I'd have to upgrade
my electrical service first. I'm in Columbus, OH, a few minutes away from
Port Columbus with direct service from most major hubs (Chicago, NYC, DFW,
Atlanta, DC, St. Louis, Phoenix). I'm 8 hours or less by car from Toronto,
Pittsburg, DC, St Louis, Chicago, Nashville (I think), and a host of other

  Well located for midwest and East Coast users (especially me ;-)
  Land already grabbed
  Zoned Rural, not Residential (a "library" is an acceptable use)
  Well stocked with VAXen on down.

  Colder than N.M., therefore higher operating costs (heat, etc.)
  Smaller than 50 acres.
  Far from West Coast Users.

I have this 501c3 Museum project that I've been working on for a while, but
frankly, I'm kinda stalled out at the name phase. I have the necessary number
of enthusiastic bodies to incorporate non-profit in Ohio (three), all I really
need to do is pick a name, finish off the articles of incorporation and pay
the filing fee. It's easy to self-serve an Ohio corp; it's the second best
state next to Delaware.

At least in the non-winter months, it'd be easy to provide camping-style
accomodations (including parking for RV, for those so inclined). Actual
housing is another level of expense, no matter what the location.

It's certainly an interesting concept. Actual implementation is another
matter entirely. Classic Computer Camp or no, my 10-year-plans are to
stick up a suitable building for my own uses. Finding a way for the
construction and operation to be even partially funded would be a bonus.


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