Back to the A1097C monitor again

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 05:12:09 2000

> As you can see, there's ample opportunity for lots of work.
> When you're done, however, you still have a fixed-frequency monitor,
> though a nice one, and need another monitor and an A/B switch box
> to switch the signal to the multisync monitor for text and other uses.
> Like I said . . . it's a pain in the gluteus maximus.
> A pretty decent 20" Sylvania multisync monitor with
> really bright and sharp, as well as linear, image costs $279
> at Costco.

Thanks for that, but TBH it's not worth the effort. I've got schematics for
an SVGA-5 BNC box that I might build sometime, but before I even do that
I've got to sort the monitor itself out.

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