Apple IIGS for parts

From: Adrian Graham <>
Date: Thu Jul 27 05:19:34 2000

There's a question! Which drives did the GS use - bog standard disk ][s? My
GS is unused ATM since it's diskless.

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First off, I apologize for sending this again -- I am losing track of what I
write and who I send it to. I think I offered the drive but not the computer
last time. Whatever...

I have a IIGS here with a logic board problem (the "sound interrupt" issue I
mentioned a week or so ago) and a bad power supply to go with it which looks
and smells fine but nothing happens when you flip the switch. And yes, I
checked the fuse. Got a helluva shock from one of the caps too. :-/

Anyone want these items for cost of shipping? Let me know off-list. There's
even a bad 5.25 Apple floppy drive to go with it! Spins up but won't read.


-- MB

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