PDP 8/e memory boards

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Fri Jul 28 17:28:33 2000

> > >I also have a 16K core set, does anyone have any information on that
> > >board? The highgate docs appear to be for a hex wide 16k board.
> > >
> > My scan on highgate is the 8/A version. I didn't know a DEC 16k was available
> > for the 8/E, was this third party?. What are the board numbers?
> Its a Dataram Corporation DR-118. 16K x 12. Its a 3 board stack, plugs into
> only one quad slot, but the thickness prevents use of a second quad slot
> in the 8/E omnibus. This was apparently pulled from a working 8/E
> system a year ago. I bought it on Ebay. 16K using only 2 slots instead
> of 6, and not needing 8 of those 'top' connectors, sounded like a
> bargain to me (assuming it works).

And it does work. I now have 8K working in banks 0-1, and 16K in banks 4-7.
My other 8K set seems to be having problems, i'll fiddle with it next week
and see if i can figure anything out. of course, i've yet to do any
in-depth memory tests on the 'working' core memory.

-Lawrence LeMay
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