Catastrophic PSU failure (was Re: Apple IIGS for parts)

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Jul 28 17:29:28 2000

--- John Honniball <> wrote:
> I think the easiest-to-find fault I've ever seen was in an
> ICL One-Per-Desk, where a transistor in the driver circuit
> blew up. It made a loud bang, leaving the plastic body of
> the transistor in two pieces, one having two legs, and the
> other having just one.

I fixed a keyboard/monitor switch at work that a cow-orker had
damaged by plugging in the wrong wall wart into - 48VDC (phone)
instead of 9VDC. I opened the lid and saw the gaping hole in
the 7805 and the mess made when the filter cap ruptured and
vented its electrolyte. <$4 at Rat-Shack prices and it was back
in business. The best part was the look on my boss' face when
I told him we didn't need to buy a new one. He couldn't fathom
how I could open up the box, look inside and figure out what
was wrong without the aid of mechanical assistance. It seemed
obvious to _me_ what was wrong.


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