Tech Rumors/Legends?

From: Mark Gregory <>
Date: Thu Jun 1 16:05:48 2000

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Date: Thursday, June 01, 2000 2:41 PM
Subject: Tech Rumors/Legends?

>Hi All,
> One the nice things about this list is the variety of
>first hand experience that can be called upon to clear
>up those nagging second hand rumors that you keep dragging
>around for years, unable to track down a definitive answer.
>Up for review:
>1. "The person that designed the Mindset PC later designed
>the Amiga." I realize that computers like the Amiga are not
>designed by just one person, but does anyone know anything
>about the people that helped design these computers?

I've never heard of the Mindset PC, but the Amiga story is very nicely told
at The Amiga Interactive Guide, at . Follow the
Features link, and see "Amiga History" and "The Amiga Corporation 1982-84".
Although a team of designers was involved, the person generally credited as
"the father of the Amiga" is the late Jay Miner, who came from Atari Corp.
via Xymos.
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