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From: John Foust <jfoust_at_threedee.com>
Date: Fri Jun 2 14:56:42 2000

Regarding recording data on analog 35mm film, below is a recent
excerpt from a microscopy mailing list, where people were
discussing the use of film to record detail, as opposed to
CCD imaging techniques:

> To begin to answer Jeremy's question directly, we need to know
> how much detail a Technical Pan negative can record. The figures
> depend on processing technique and the test object luminance and
> contrast, but the modulation transfer function figures published by
> Kodak indicate that a spatial frequency in excess of 200 cycles per
> mm is easily recordable. For a test object with contrast 100:1 they
> quote 320 line pairs per mm. The CCD pixel spacing required to
> achieve this feat would be 640 pixels per mm. That equates to a
> requirement for 15360 x 23040 pixels to match the resolving power
> of a 24x36mm Technical Pan exposure. That's 0.35 Giga pixels in
> round numbers.

- John
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