OT: Archiving data/video/movies/photos/oral history

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Fri Jun 2 15:31:19 2000

>If you want to archive old 16mm or 8mm movies then VHS is not the way to go.
>My wife's uncle has made movies of family functions for the last 50 years.
>I have watched them, lots of 16mm film loading and rewinding involved. He

You seem to have in abundance the most critical ingredient, INTEREST. Well
maybe its more commitment, but for many preservation projects people want
to do it, but it isn't a holy grail search. Time and money may flow
unevenly, and most often squabbles on the details results in a single
person having the project dumped on them.

When I do our "family" project, its going to be film to CDR, followed by a
survey of all who get the CDR of who is in what pictures. I will "try" to
preserve as much of the original film sources as I can, but each time
something happens (mouse, bug, temp, humidity) a lot of damage can occur.
As each year goes by the likelyhood of someone wanting to go back to the
original film keeps getting smaller and smaller. I worry if I don't have it
done soon, nobody will be alive that wants to see it, or has any clue to
who is who.
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