The more I like my VAX, the more I hate Compaq...

From: sjm <>
Date: Wed Jun 7 12:32:01 2000

On Tue, Jun 06, 2000 at 07:47:43PM -0700, wrote:
> > type of error. FYI: I have the 2Meg 8-plane Graphics card, and VMS 7.1
> > installed... VMS seems not to understand what type of terminal emulation
> > will work with the card, and I've monkeyed with the SET TERMINAL jazz until
> > I'm blue in the face (and you thought I was ugly before! ;-). A really
> > quick pointer there would be *fantastic!*
> Wait a minute.... You've got a graphics card, which indicates you're not
> using a terminal, yet you're not using DECwindows? In that case I'm not
> sure the above trick will work for you.

It sounds like he's just installed the standard OpenVMS 7.2 hobbyist
distribution. I've never installed "Real" VMS, so I'm not sure what the
procedure to get DECwindows running on it is, but this works for the
hobbyist setup.

1) Install a hobbyist license for DWMOTIF
2) Increase GBLPAGES and GBLSECTIONS system parameters appropriately,
   if needed, and do


3) Install MOTIF from the hobbyist CD with this command:


4) Reboot and you'll be brought to the DECwindows login screen. You can
   run a DECterm and get apropriate terminal behavior.

(This is all assuming that you installed DECwindows support when
you installed the VMS operating system, of course :)

The other good thing to do at this point is to repeat the above
procedure for DEC TCP/IP. Once you've installed a UCX license
and installed the TCP/IP software, you can set it all up using
the command

   $ _at_TCPIP$CONFIG.COM (I think... I'm not actually near my VAX right now)

and be able to telnet into your VAX from another system.

There's documentation a-plenty at:

It hasn't been badly twisted by The Q yet.

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