The more I like my VAX, the more I hate Compaq...

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Jun 8 00:32:06 2000

If this is a dupe I appologize. My ISP's email freaked out big time just
before I went into work, and it doesn't look like this made it out (if I
read the bounce right). Figured I'd resend it since the list of links is

>It sounds like he's just installed the standard OpenVMS 7.2 hobbyist
>distribution. I've never installed "Real" VMS, so I'm not sure what the
>procedure to get DECwindows running on it is, but this works for the
>hobbyist setup.

Actually I suspect in his case he's installed the Commerical 7.1 kit, but
the only real difference is the layout on the CD. However, you bring up an
excellent point, I'd forgotten what a royal pain it is to get DECwindows
running on a VAX as compared to on an Alpha. I've only installed
DECwindows on one of my VAXen, and don't haven't even bothered with it on
most of my Alpha's. On the Alpha you simply do the install, and then
install and load the license PAKs. IIRC, I actually had to break out the
manual to get it loaded on the VAX, how embarassing :^)

>There's documentation a-plenty at:
>It hasn't been badly twisted by The Q yet.

Actually I suspect that URL might not be around much longer, as I've
noticed that now works.

The frustrating thing is they've started putting up the doc's for
individual software at different URL's, for example start here: (actually this looks like the
second most useful besides the actual doc site, all kinds of good links).

and find links to docs at:
For a non-Y2k compliant web page see: :^)

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