DEC Vaxstation II GPX needs a home

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Thu Jun 8 15:30:20 2000

I. It would not have fit in my garage much less my house.
II. My dedicated 220V Line is being taxed enough as it is.
III. I was alone and far far from home.
IV. As I approached the dumpster the manager of the property disposition
started chasing me with a broom.
V. I've already rescued a Data General Nova 3 which is much more fascinating
to play with. BLINKENLIGHTS!!!

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> > > How come all the cool stuff is on the west coast? The coolest thing
> > > seen in the midwest is two, still shrinkwrapped IBM 370 mainframes IN
> > > DUMPSTER. One of those economy sized dumpsters you use to throw away
> > > with. Alas, my sunbird won't quite hold one...
> >
> > WHAT!? And you made no attempt to rescue them?
> That's what I was wondering. A car being too small is no excuse.
> Superglue yourself to the 370s, and demand that the refuse-truck
> driver pick it (and you) up and take it (and you) to your house or you
> won't unglue yourself! Some things just call for drastic
> measures. ;-) ...and don't forget to offer to pay the driver a nice
> tip for his time. If that fails, just tell him his truck will go
> {k.*.a.*.b.*.0.*.0.*.m} if he doesn't cooperate, after all, you are on
> a mission of computer preservation, which, as we all know, may call
> for drastic measures (oh, yeah... don't worry, I'm sure the members of
> this group might consider helping with the legal fees if the wrong
> people take what you say too seriously. ...or we'll at least send you
> a cake with plans for a making file hidden in it. Won't we? :-) :-) :-)
> Seriously, did you not contact someone about allowing you to have this
> hauled to your house, where you could have at least kept it outdoors
> in shipping pallets and covered with a tarp, as well as the wrap,
> until someone could have rescued it?
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