DEC Vaxstation II GPX needs a home

From: R. D. Davis <>
Date: Thu Jun 8 16:07:05 2000

On Thu, 8 Jun 2000, Jason McBrien wrote:
> I. It would not have fit in my garage much less my house.

No problem. Put in in the front or back yard in a make-shift shelter
and just use it in the winter, attaching ducts and fans to your house
to save on your heating bill (if you heat via natural gas, oil, coal
or wood). :-)

> II. My dedicated 220V Line is being taxed enough as it is.

No problem. A call yo your utility company can get you more
power. :-)

> III. I was alone and far far from home.

No problem. That's what office movers are for. Better yet,
pretend to be a property owner and call a refuse company to "empty"
the dumpster... that is, into a waiting truck a few miles away.

> IV. As I approached the dumpster the manager of the property disposition
> started chasing me with a broom.

No problem. Just use an RL02 cartridge as a shield. :-) ..or grab the
broom away from him and pretend you're insane, while offering him a

> V. I've already rescued a Data General Nova 3 which is much more fascinating
> to play with. BLINKENLIGHTS!!!

Ok, I can't argue with that. ...Although you can add blinkenlights to
the IBM system, as there's plenty of sheet metal there to drill holes
for light sockets into. :-) :-) :-)

R. D. Davis             
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