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Date: Fri Jun 9 13:19:47 2000

On Fri, 9 Jun 2000, R. D. Davis wrote:

> On Fri, 9 Jun 2000 allisonp_at_world.std.com wrote:
> > Toy: an object for exercise, diversion or amusement.
> Sounds like a computer to me.

;) could be.

> Serious humbug. They were built as expensive toys to play with. Now
> then, pay careful attention: that doesn't mean that those treating

Well, I know people that play hard and work hard and both are the same
thing. Me for one. Electronics is hobby, serious study and what I do to
pay the bills. I enjoy it.

> enjoyment of their work. When work ceases to be fun, that's when the
> bad mistakes, etc. occur due to boredom and an "I don't give a damn, I

;) Ah ha! True.

> > The counter to that is: the guy running his machine tool with an old PDP-8
> > or Z80 box... Is he using a toy? I think not.
> Why should he not think of that machine tool as a toy, esp. if he
> enjoys his work and is good at it? Heck, he probably even has a pet
> name for the machine.

it is that persons perogative. generally toys are associated with
recreation though. Still, an NC mill is a fine toy.

> Do I sense that men and women sometimes tend to think of work in the
> computer field differently, with many women having a dreadfully

Not the women I know. Then again I hang in different circles where a job
is more than a means to an end.

> with many men growing as boys playing with erector sets, heathkits,
> building forts, and having soldering irons, hammers, screwdrivers,
> etc. in their hands while they were still learning to read. Then,
> after growing up, we still consider such things, whether a little PC,
> an IBM mainframe, or even a multinational corporation, to be toys to
> play with.

With two brothers into all that I got to play and do as a result. However
to your last line... I build with wood too as that was my fathers
influence. When my toys can impact on others (running a multinational)
it's time to play seriously and hard. To borrow a line success is _fun_,
for lack of a better word.

I find it disappointing there are not more women in high Tech fields.

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