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Date: Fri Jun 9 13:27:44 2000

> > No, it is because much of it is Unix oriented. And Unix
> > security is just not that good.
> This isn't quite right, but does explain why Internet security
> has not improved.

But it has. The content however has become dangerous to the end users.
With all the viruses the internet as a backbone has not burped, whole
groups of end nodes and local networks have suffered however due to
poor security on their part.

In the end don't blame the highway for the dead cow on the median.

> management that management didn't say "a few more tweaks
> and we're done". Although prototypes, both Multics and
> ARPAnet were rushed into production because no one wanted
> to take the time to stop and do it over again, better the
> second time.

A huge amount of stuff happend between now and then. if it didn't we'd
still depend on UUCP batches running at 3am over modems to route mail.

I say that as one that used internet back when it took overnight to get
mail from MA to CA.

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