AppleTalk on the hoof

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 10:51:01 2000

Well, thanks to a clever guy on c.s.a2, I got the IIgs to network boot.
It involved going into the Control Panel, setting slot 2 to AppleTalk, and
setting the startup slot to AppleTalk. It magically found Steve, the Mac,
and was able to connect and boot ProDOS 8. BASIC.SYSTEM came up without a
hitch, and I was able to use the Mac as a fileshare without problem. Neat!
Thanks for all the help, folks!

It had some trouble booting GS/OS from the Mac, however. It showed the
"Welcome to the IIgs" box, and got about half-way through (at the bottom,
an AppleTalk share icon eventually showed up), but then abruptly bombed
out and dropped back to the AppleShare client. GS/OS then wouldn't come
up at all until I rebooted the machine. Corrupt copy or not enough memory?
Someone on c.s.a2 said it should at least boot with 1MB, even if it
couldn't run much.

Later today I'm going to build those GS/OS disks and see if starting it
up from the floppy drive makes any difference.

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