Good News/Bad news

From: John R. Keys Jr. <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 12:03:06 2000

Well just got back from my two weeks in Houston and had a few great
finds and a little bad luck. The good news is I found a number of good
finds, here's a short list as some of the items are not 10 years old
1. Royal TA model F1 computer, ext. floppy drive, and user's manual all
for $6
2. Amiga 1040
3. Percom ext. floppy drive unit
4. 15 - Mac keyboards, no cables but they were free for the taking.
5. Team concepts printer
6. NEC MultiSpin 6X cdrom reader
7. Socrates mousesystem with tablet and mouse
8. Epson Equity LT-286e laptop not working but was also free.
9. Scan-It by digital media labs for the Mac, $8 bucks at flea market
10. Sega 3D adapter
11. Many manuals and books
12. HP 98720A
13. Amiga 1000
14. Suncom animation station computergraphics sensor pad
15. Atrai printer adapter for the 800

The list is much longer but the other items do not meet the 10 year

The bad news is I found a System/36 model 5362 (complete) for $50 at a
thrift in Houston and I paid the folks for it and asked if I could pick
it up the next day as I would need a truck to carry it. They said ok
and when I came back to pick it up someone had trashed the machine by
taking out 5 cards and breaking them up on the floor next to the unit.
I asked the store manager to adjusted the price I had paid for it but
they said I had purchased it "AS IS" and said it was not trashed when I
purchased it the day before. They did agree to lower the price on a Mac
145B powerbook that I found sitting on the shelf there as a way to
settle my problem. I have never had anything like this happen before.
John Keys
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