Big pile of HP stuff--Roanoke, VA

From: Craig Smith <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 14:20:06 2000

I'm hoping that someone knows something about some of this stuff and/or
can use some of it. Not free but really reasonable IF you can come to
Roanoke, VA and load it up.
        HP 3000 Series III mainframe [a couple of racks worth, but some vandal
hauled ALL the cards to a recycler prior to my finding it]
        HP 3000 system 30 cute little R2D2 sized mainframe [no cards]
        HP Tape Drives 7970 several variations
        HP disk drives, big and heavy 7920's & 25's
        HP keyboards & terminals 2640,2645, maybe some 2649's
        non HP stuff:
        CDC PA5N1 harddrives--also heavy!
        Bunch of NCR minis running VRX or VRX/E, also got a couple of
controlers and a PS or two from the same series
        pile of TRS-80 series III

        Not cheap but lots of them:

        HP 1000 E&F series minis
        HP 21MX series minis
        HP "A" series minis

This is a serious size pile--probably 2-3 tons of stuff in really good
condition. My storage runneth over. Craig
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