Good News/Bad news

From: Craig Smith <>
Date: Sun Jun 11 14:02:47 2000

Sounds like the store DID "step up to the loss", they cut the price on
another piece [amount unspecified] to compensate for the vandalism to
the System/36......Let's not beat a dead horse here!
        Nice find BTW. Craig

Earl Evans wrote:
> John,
> Congrats on the good finds!
> Regarding the System/36, the store's reaction just doesn't seem right to me.
> I'm glad they found a way to kind of make it up to you, but it obviously
> wasn't your fault that someone trashed the machine in your absence. It
> might not have been their fault either, but usually stores are responsible
> (whether they like it or not) for the mechandise on their premises. The
> "AS-IS" is irrelevant, because you bought it "AS-WAS". Think of it this
> way...if someone had trashed it BEFORE you bought it, you (or anyone else)
> probably wouldn't have paid the $50 for it.
> A question: Did they tell you that you were leaving it at your own risk? If
> not, then it seems that they were implicitly agreeing to the loss.
> Another put a down payment on a new car, and the dealership
> needs you to pick it up the next day. In the meantime, a vandal breaks all
> the windows (on the dealer's lot), and scratches up the paint. Your
> responsibility? Somehow I don't think so.
> I'm not an expert in these matters, but I believe that the store should step
> up to the loss. My humble opinion.
> - Earl
> > The bad news is I found a System/36 model 5362 (complete) for $50 at a
> > thrift in Houston and I paid the folks for it and asked if I could pick
> > it up the next day as I would need a truck to carry it. They said ok
> > and when I came back to pick it up someone had trashed the machine by
> > taking out 5 cards and breaking them up on the floor next to the unit.
> > I asked the store manager to adjusted the price I had paid for it but
> > they said I had purchased it "AS IS" and said it was not trashed when I
> > purchased it the day before. They did agree to lower the price on a Mac
> > 145B powerbook that I found sitting on the shelf there as a way to
> > settle my problem. I have never had anything like this happen before.
> > John Keys
> >
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