New find: HP 1000 E series

From: Carlos Murillo-Sanchez <>
Date: Tue Jun 13 13:55:19 2000

"Jay West" wrote:
> > In the back cage there are three jumper cards
> Jumper cards continue the interrupt priority chain in the backplane. If your
> OS is interrupt driven, you need the jumpers for open slots. If your OS
> isn't interrupt driven, you don't need these.

hmmm.... then it is possible that some cards are missing because
there are intermediate empty slots; here's the back cage

 # card description
 25 -empty-
 24 BACI 12966A
 23 Jumper
 22 Jumper
 21 BACI 12966A
 20 BACI 12966A
 17 BACI 12966A (note: no slots are labeled 19 or 18)
 16 Jumper
 15 Jumper
 14 -empty-
 13 -empty-
 12 DISK INTFC 12821A (HPIB; why a second one?)
 11 DISK INTFC 12821A (HPIB)

I was able to open the front panel (thanks, Eric) and found the

 # card description
DCPC D.C.P.C. | Ribbon connector from front fingerpad to bckpln
 111 MEMORY PROTECT 22-7931
 112 MEM 22-2127
 113 -empty-
 114 -empty-
   . .
   . .
 120 -empty-
 121 256KW HSM 12749M | these three cards have their left front fingerpads
 122 256KW HSM 12749M | joined by ribbon cable. Right front fingerpads
 123 MEM CNTLR 2102E | not connected.

And yes, the big board underneath everything is the mainboard with
not a piggyback but a "piggytummy" smaller board attached to it.

> Most typically in this system, the OS was genned for each card in a certain
> slot. If the card positions have been changed the OS generally won't boot.
> If you moved the cards, you have to regen the OS. Most likely the system
> console was the baci board that was lowest in the backplane, as this one
> would have the highest priority. If it was running RTE, ISTR there is way to
> boot the system that tells it that the configuration has changed and where
> the console and disk are. If this matches your situation, drop me an email
> and I'll look it up for you.

I did not move the cards around, but again, maybe some cards are
I don't know what OS the system was running.
I guess that the first thing that I have to do now that I tested the
power supply and verified that the machine (seems to) turn on,
is to build a serial console cable for this. I have several cables
that will fit the BACI boards, but the connectors at the other
end have been cut off. Does anybody have the pin out for the
finger pads in the front of the BACI boards?

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