If classic computers were cars...

From: r. 'bear' stricklin <red_at_bears.org>
Date: Tue Jun 13 14:07:55 2000

On Tue, 13 Jun 2000, Pete Turnbull wrote:

> It's a nice story, but unfortunately, only a story. I should know: I have
> three Indigos and two Indys of my own, and manage about a hundred more at
> work. An (blue) Indy is faster than an (purple) Indigo.

Perhaps slightly more than a story. To bring the cost down on the Indy,
they were available with or without secondary cache. All R4000 Indigos
have secondary cache (1 MB of it, IIRC), and this resulted in the older
R4000 Indigo being noticeably quicker than most of the least expensive

Certainly the Indy was available in configurations which are a good deal
quicker than the fastest Indigo (150 MHz R4400), though there are
operations for which the Indigo's Elan graphics are quicker than the
Indy's top-of-the-line XZ graphics...

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