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Date: Wed Jun 14 10:02:32 2000

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>The idea is to have some fun, and realistically every place and every owner
>will be different, with the formation of a "good" relationship based on
>different kinds of acts. Never trying to cheat them, being helpfull,
>respectfull, and actually putting some cash in their hands from time to
>time is common to about all of them. I spent all day at a place today

        <snip again>

        Couldn't have said it better. I still have a good working relationship
with some of the folks at Weird Stuff, despite the physical distance, as
does a friend of mine who's local to them.

>This is a bit different from buying stuff for yourself though, its more
>like ploughing the snow off the roads.

        <shrug> The effort is usually worth it.

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