Lexmark Lexbook MB10 power suppply question

From: Stan Sieler <ss_at_allegro.com>
Date: Wed Jun 14 13:38:45 2000


I recently found a Lexmark "Lexbook MB10" ... with
no docs, no power supply. The back of the computer
says the power supply should be 12 V DC, but has no
mention of the polarity!

Does anyone have this oddball computer, and can they
tell me the polarity of the adapter, please?

BTW, this Lexbook looks like IBM's answer to the HP Omnibook 425.

In web searching, I found several references to other
Lexbook models (including the SE10), but none to the MB10.

Lexmark's web site was an example of corporate stonewalling
(not quite the word I want): since it's obsolete, they have
no information on it, and don't even admit (via their search
engine) that it might have once existed!

Altavista found a single Lexmark.com web page about "Y2K compliance"
...which basically says:
   hey, it's obsolete, we didn't test it, buy something newer.



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