Lexmark Lexbook MB10 power suppply question

From: Stan Sieler <ss_at_allegro.com>
Date: Wed Jun 14 15:26:13 2000

> I recently found a Lexmark "Lexbook MB10" ... with
> Lexmark's web site was an example of corporate stonewalling

I'd posted a note to several addresses within lexmark.com, asking
for information about the Lexbook MB10 last night. Today, I got
an email from someone there, offering me a free adapter!

Unfortunately, it was an adapter for a Lexbook SE10 (aka ThinkPad 500),
which appears to be a different computer (and, one using different voltage :(

A ThinkPad 500 is 7.23" deep, my MB10 is 6.5" deep (and has only
a 9 pin serial, and 25 pin parallel connector on the back).

Oh well...

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