The Missing 6809 UniFLEX Archive

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Date: Wed Jun 14 16:14:21 2000

OK, for all I know everyone that is interested in such stuff already knows
about this. However, I just ran across this, and it sounds like something
of interest to some of the list members (basically because it's apparently
software for 6809 SWTP boxes).

Remember I've no idea what this stuff is.

"The Missing 6809 UniFLEX Archive

UniFLEX'09 for SWTP & Gimix - Plus ALL Products Ever Developed!

The UniFLEX'09 Archive represents ALL known products that were developed /
or adapted by Technical Systems Consultants, Inc. (TSC), from late in
1979 through to 1989 when, at that time, the Company and UniFLEX O/S were
sold to an "investor." The 6809 versions were NOT part of that fateful
episode - so, they were put away in a storage room and eventually lost. "
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