Tek 4014/5 emulation

From: Cameron Kaiser <ckaiser_at_oa.ptloma.edu>
Date: Wed Jun 14 18:23:40 2000

::Remember that the original Tektronix unit was a vector display (not a
::raster scanned unit), so the whole thing is based on drawing vectors.

I was still hoping though! :-)

What I ended up doing was the same thing you suggested, sending the
vector twice. I made up a mini-"RLE" mode where it would turn a line
of black pixels into two vectors rather than a vector pair for every
point, and together with a contrast adjust that turned down dithering
it came out very well. It's not too quick but then neither is the
C128 or the Mac IIsi.

pnmtotek :-) is in Perl. I can share it with the list if
people like; it's short and a terrible example of Perl programming.
I'm sure people can improve on it; I'm just going to see if I can
turn it into C first. It takes any P6 portable anymap from, say
djpeg or NetPBM, and displays it in Tek.

::It would be a lot more fun to use a real Tekky terminal for this ;-)

Yeah, but when all you have is Commodore Kermit and a IIsi with
NCSA Telnet 2.6, you take what you can get ;-)

Surfing the web on a 4014 ...
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