A Great Find & A Defense of E-Bay

From: Gary Hildebrand <ghldbrd_at_ccp.com>
Date: Fri Jun 16 14:07:16 2000

On 15-Jun-00, you wrote:

> On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Bruce Lane wrote:
>> I would add to this another pet dislike I have for E-bilk (much
>> name, BTW). To my eyes, they are in large part (sheer unmitigated greed
>> makes up the other part) responsible for the decline in quality and
>> quantity of equipment that used to show up at hamfests and other
>> electronic-oriented swap meets.
> You've noticed this decline as well? :-( Interesting hackish things
> seem to be getting more and more difficult to find a hamfests. The
> last one I went to had very little, and most I've been to, I've seen
> people going around buying large quantities of things,
> indiscriminantly, just to snap them up, apparently to resell on e-bilk
> or squirrel away in storage... or even to sell them at 200-percent and
> much higher, mark-ups at the same hamfest. Disgusting.

I've noticed that as well, including old computers as well. What I have
hard and seen is that most of it is being just thrown into the landfills
because people at large think there is NO value to the stuff.

On the other hand, used PC's are being scalped at higher prices than new.

Maybe we've learned this from the oil companies?
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