A Great Find & A Defense of E-Bay

From: William Donzelli <aw288_at_osfn.org>
Date: Fri Jun 16 10:28:35 2000

> I've noticed that as well, including old computers as well. What I have
> hard and seen is that most of it is being just thrown into the landfills
> because people at large think there is NO value to the stuff.

I don't think its going into landfills, but is getting recycled. Many
more electronics/high-tech companies these days have contracts with
recyclers, so less goes home with the employees.

I too have noticed a drop in the number of interesting computer things at
the fests, but I am chalking that up to the idea that the classic minis
and micros are past their "take to the hamfest" portion of their
lifecycle, and now in the :few survivors still in garages" portion. We seem
now to have XTs and ATs taking their spot at the fests. In time they will
get scarce, replaced by 386s, 486s, G3s, SPARCstations*, then Pentiums,
Ultras, etc..

*The influx of super cheap workstations at the fests are quite a welcome
sight, however.

William Donzelli
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