Tek 4014/5 emulation

From: Mark Champion <mark.champion_at_am.sony.com>
Date: Fri Jun 16 12:21:49 2000


As I said, you are right about the EGM. It was an option. No argument. I was only
trying to help the original poster.

Regarding this off-topic email issue, I say, "do whatever you want." I will do
things your way when I post here. But, I hasten to add that the comments I've
seen here make clear to me that I have failed to explain why wrap works fine
for me. I only get the > > stuff at the beginning of paragraphs. I can cut out
paragraphs and paste without the tedious editing. But, I repeat to eveyone...
"Do whatever you want."

Also, I never put any HTML in my email posts. But I receive email containing
HTML everyday. So how can you say HTML has no place in email? If you ever
need to imbed formatted data in your email such as a table or use any character
attributes such as color or bold, you need HTML. (Yes, you can use attachments
or use some other work-around, but that's rather inconvenient.)

Only my opinions.

Mark Champion

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> >
> > Tony,
> >
> > I believe you are correct regarding the EGM. Thanks for clarifying that
> > point.
> Well, I've never seen one of these terminals, but that's what the manaul
> says...
> >
> > Regarding the line length, I presume most users use "word-wrap" for their
> > email readers. This allows the reader to format the screen as desired
> > (similar to the way web browsers handle text). I believe all HTML
> > compatible email programs have this capability.
> This is not meant to be a flame, but I am tired, so it may come out like
> one. If so, I apologise.
> HTML is a markup language. It's not strictly a formating language, and
> IMHO it has no place at all in e-mail. Period.
> Not all e-mail programs (or the editors that they call) have any
> word-wrap capability. Of those that do, as soon as the reply-marking '>'
> characters are inserted, it's essential to preserve line breaks so that
> those markers always come at the left of the physical line. Otherwise the
> mail soon becomes totally unreadable. Word-wrap therefore makes little
> sense for e-mail.
> -tony
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