Tek 4014/5 emulation

From: emanuel stiebler <emu_at_ecubics.com>
Date: Fri Jun 16 12:35:20 2000

William Donzelli wrote:
> I'm curious - what will some of us folks do when HTML in email is used by
> 99 percent of the population?

Talk to the remaining one percent ? ;-)

> Is anyone writing mailers for the old
> systems that can handle the HTML properly? Let's face it, HTML in email
> is here and its growing. I would venture to say it is a natural
> evolution, and all of the complaining we as a group do will have no
> effect on the rest of the world. The rest of the world can use the excuse
> "get a modern computer" - and for the most part they are right.

Don't care about the 99% anyway, and what you're saying is, that I need
a 2 GHz Strontium, running Winblows to talk to this group tomorrow ?


just my .00002 cents,
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