Apple III (was: Apple III motherboard)

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Fri Jun 16 16:24:32 2000

Servus Louis,

> Well, I haven't programmed on one, but I have worked with
> them a fair amount, and don't entirely disagree with you.
> I think the hardware is in general poorly designed, and the
> SOS operating system is one of the worst ever. It is the
> only one I know that doesn't let you change the current
> drive, and requires a "loader program" in Drive 1 to run
> programs on any other drive. Someone said in response to
> your remarks they booted theirs from a ProFile; in
> actuality, that is not possible, you have to boot from
> Drive 1.

I hope nobody will ever tell this to my A///,
he may stop to boot from the profile drive.

Could it be that there are different versions around ?


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